What makes a template system smart? When it is more than a template system. In the following we have collected the 5 biggest benefits from practice that make Smart Templates better.

What distinguishes Smart Templates from templates?

  1. One place for templates and records
  2. Simplification of internal and external collaboration
  3. Standardized creation of beautiful new
  4. Support for forward-looking decisions
  5. Reuse of learned

Reason #1: One place for templates and records


Templates and recordings are in one tidy and easily accessible place. Fluidly turn a template into a record without changing the template.


Reason #2: Simplification of internal and external collaboration


Internal and external colleagues are quickly involved to move tasks and activities forward faster. Be it for assistance, status update, onboarding or information sharing. Input becomes tangibly closer.


Reason #3: Standardized creation of beautiful new


Designed building blocks enable handy and guided creation of lean templates. Continuous updates automatically ensure that the templates remain modern.


Reason #4: Support for forward-looking decisions


The transformation of content into logical data streams enables early and focused detection of deviations and faster reaction to changes.


Reason #5: Reuse of learned


What has been learned and acquired is not lost and can be retrieved, tracked and processed at any time. A continuously growing and accessible fund of knowledge for validated action.

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