Add trustkey to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Integration

trustkey can be integrated as an app extension into the Microsoft Teams. This means that you can work with trustkey without leaving Teams. Results from video conferences and online meetings can thus be recorded in trustkey for documentation, follow-up and evaluation and are not lost in the chat.

To be able to use the trustkey experience, you need a user account. You can register at the following link for a free of charge for 14 days trial. No credit card, installation or cancellation necessary.

Navigate to the Apps view in Teams

Select the Apps icon and enter trustkey in the search all apps field on the left. The trustkey extension is displayed at the top of the view. Select trustkey.

trustkey Microsoft Teams Integration - Schritt 1

Add trustkey

Click the Add button.

trustkey Microsoft Teams Integration Schritt 2

Enter your domain / work area on trustkey

The trustkey view opens. Enter your domain / work area on trustkey in the field “your company”.

trustkey Microsoft Teams Integration Schritt 3

Enter your email and password

trustkey Microsoft Teams Integration Schritt 4

Pin trustkey for quick access

Right-click on the trustkey symbol to open a submenu and select pin.

trustkey Microsoft Integration Schritt 5

You can now get started with trustkey in Microsoft Teams.

You can find more information about trustkey in Microsoft Teams on Microsoft AppSource.

IBODigital can support you with the introduction of trustkey, its integration and networking with your existing systems as well as the migration of existing data and information.

With trustkey all processes, procedures and interfaces can be digitized in a simple, structured and controlled way. No programming skills or IT experience are required. trustkey is a no-code solution. Digitization thus becomes teamwork without the lost of key business data in isolated silos or unstructured ad-hoc solutions.  Important business information, historical context and knowledge transfer can be carried out independently without the cost of external support. Start your free trial now.

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