Management processes made easy through flexible process assistance

trustkey Features

All in one workspace.

Action Pack Space

Plan, process and document processes and tasks in a structured manner.

  • Use of templates for the completion of activities (action packs)
  • Structuring of topics in different boards
  • Organizing templates and action packs on boards
  • Determination of deadlines, priorities and responsibilities
  • Documentation of the required information
  • Preparation of the results as a pdf report

Knowledge space for standards and best-practices

Communicate and track standards and capture best practices with one click.

  • Organise knowledge in notebooks, chapters and pages
  • Create manuals, process descriptions, work instructions and guidelines
  • Turn actions into references and examples with one click
  • Link pages to other content and show interrelationships
  • Control and share access
  • Create new versions and document version history
Knowledge Space

Resource space for managing master data

Resource Space

Enter master data, adapt required fields and integrate resources in forms and processes

  • Create and customized pages for e.g. customers, employees, suppliers and equipment.
  • Divide resources into groups
  • Integrate resources into processes, plans and forms
  • Control and share access
  • Create QR codes to identify equipment and other hardware

Builder for creating templates and boards

Create, modify and direct professional, adaptable templates.

  • Create and modify intelligent templates
  • Drag & drop of adaptable modules / fields
  • If/Then scenarios
  • Definition of mandatory fields
  • Definition of roles and rights per template
  • Versioning and change tracking
  • Insights via template statistics

Overview of the current status at all times

Team Status

Filter activities by area, urgency and responsible person and track status

  • Generate team status overviews by theme and priority
  • Export data by theme
  • Track activities and changes
  • View system statistics

All evidence at your fingertips with one click

Automatic archiving of records and evidence

  • Storage of all created and used templates
  • Protection against loss and unauthorized changes
  • Controlled and documented implementation of changes
  • Controlled access to evidence

Traceable collaboration in real time


Share content and edit together in real time.

  • Editing of action packs and sharing of information in real time
  • Internal and external sharing of action packs
  • Full transparency of shared content
  • Access via email, link or QR code
  • Automatic notifications
  • Comment function for topic-specific chats

Save time and maintain an overview with automations

Variety of automations to control and track templates and action packs

  • (Automated) linking of information
  • Launch templates via QR code
  • Automated deletion of template data
  • Combining action packs into workflows
  • Notifications
  • Reminders
  • Ready-to-use templates

Integration with systems

trustkey-Core Engine for business expansion

  • Custom extensions
  • Use of platform technology
Steven Pannell

“trustkey’s features help our customers save time, increase quality, reduce risk and capitalize opportunities. We continue to drive this with our user-centric product roadmap.”

Steven Pannell, CDO IBODigital GmbH