Template Permissions: Owner, Editor and Reader

Template permissions

When creating an action package template, different user roles – owner, editor, reader and default assignee – can be defined for the template. The respective role determines what the user can do with the template. The role of the standard recipient has a special function.

What distinguishes owner, editor, reader and default assignee of an action package template?

Action Pack Template User Roles

Owner, editor and reader are roles to control template rights

Action pack template…


















If a user is entered for two roles, the more restricted right always applies for security.

Example: a user is entered in the template as both editor and reader. In this case, the user can view the template but not edit it.

Default assignee is an automation to facilitate the use of templates

Users can already be stored as default assignees in the template, which are automatically preassigned as recipients when launching the action package based on the template. The assignees can still be added and changed during the launch.

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