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Orchestrate work within your organization using a flexible platform for digital process execution. Enhance productivity with process intelligence.

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Explore the benefits of the trustkey platform

Structure data, connect content, and accelerate processes and change across the entire organization.

Strengthen business development and increase efficiency.


trustkey Process Step trustkey Process Step
Complete tasks faster and smarter
trustkey Process Step trustkey Process Step
Connect and enhance the flexibility of the organization
trustkey Process Step trustkey Process Step
Boost team productivity
trustkey Process Step trustkey Process Step
Provide intuitive experiences
trustkey Intelligent Search

Complete tasks faster and smarter

With dynamic process experiences, you and your team can complete tasks more quickly and receive context-specific information and recommendations for better business decisions.

How it Works
trustkey Builder

Connect and enhance the flexibility of the organization

Create seamless process experiences. Effortlessly automate and integrate processes in an intuitive no-code environment.

Explore the No-Code Environment
trustkey Arbeitsbereiche

Boost team productivity

Support teams in process execution and service delivery with targeted, purpose-driven tools in interconnected and configurable workspaces.

Discover Workspaces
trustkey Portal

Provide intuitive experiences

Facilitate collaboration with modern, intuitive experiences. Include everyone, maintain productivity, and keep everyone up-to-date with a personalized portal.

Learn more about Self-Service Experiences

Features that flexibly adapt to your business.

trustkey provides key capabilities for structuring, connecting, and automating processes and data to ensure seamless workflows.

Intelligent Search

Provide relevant search results to employees, customers, and suppliers.

No-Code Builder

Develop native process experiences with an intuitive designer and deploy them.

Action Pack Experience

Assist users in process execution by utilizing comprehensive labor facilitation and collaboration features.

Integration Portal

Create and manage connectors with third-party applications.


Gain operational insights with configurable reports and act proactively.


Use an integrated portal for process deployment and collaboration within and outside the company.

Action Pack Space

Empower your teams by using purpose-oriented tools within a unified work environment.

Resource Space

Support your teams in managing key corporate resources such as customers, suppliers, employees, items, or assets.

Knowledge Space

Enhance your business efficiency through smooth knowledge transfer and effective integration into process execution.

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trustkey Assist

Help everyone in the company work better with trustkey Assist.

trustkey Vault

Protect critical company data with top-tier data protection and security controls.

trustkey EntryControl

Implement detailed policies that grant entry only to authorized users.

trustkey AccessControl

Develop policies that regulate user access based on the need-to-know principle and ensure verification of permissions.

trustkey SensitiveDataControl

Keep track of data regulations by identifying, classifying, and anonymizing specific data fields and objects within your process experience.

trustkey Admin-Center

Make it easier for administrators to find and configure users, groups, and permissions.

File Center

Gain centralized access to all documents and files created and uploaded in trustkey.


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Steven Pannell

“The flexible features of trustkey help our customers to save time, enhance quality, reduce risks, and capitalize on opportunities. We are further advancing this with our user-centric product roadmap.”

Steven Pannell, CTO