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Effective Process Collaboration:
Fast access to process information
to support operations and management systems.

The Effective Process Collaboration handbook is your all-in-one guide to living processes.

In this compact 30-page guide, you will learn everything you need to know for the practical implementation of process information. Effective Process Collaboration is the core element of trustkey – dem flexiblen information system. Find out how it works and how it helps you simplify your processes and workflows by providing faster access to process information. Scale relaxed with increasing requirements.

Such a comprehensive review of Effective Process Collaboration and process information system is completely new. This guide is based on hundreds of conversations with users, experts, process owners and managers from different industries as well as personal experiences.

In this guide you will:

  • Learn everything about the core approach of trustkey’s flexible process assistance: Effective Process Collaboration
  • Gain an understanding of how it works and how it can help you improve your processes and ensure compliance
  • Learn the few steps for a successful and fast implementation
  • Discover practical use cases and how they fit into the overall system
  • See success stories and find out what value can be added
  • Plan your own story with concrete activities and checklists
  • Realize the fun and benefits of Effective Process Collaboration

Living Processes

Effective Process Collaboration is an advanced combination

The story of effective process collaboration

Quality Management and its essential part in getting better

Effective Process Collaboration now

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