The workspace to fill the gaps in your digital transformation

Filling the gaps with trustkey

trustkey is the All-in-One information management workspace.

One tool for your organization to work, collaborate, share and organize your business data and information.

trustkey fills the gaps in your digital transformation and workflows that are not closed by traditional tools. Ad-hoc solutions such as spreadsheets, note taking apps, emails, text documents, document sharing services are stop gaps, taken to get things done fast, yet they form unstructured silos of business data. Important business information, historical context and knowledge transfer are all lost when taking these ad-hoc approaches for teamwork and external communication.

trustkey is made up of adaptable and flexible templates that facilitate the categorization and structuring of business information, this is what makes it special.

Templates are made up of “components” and there is a component for text entry, numeric values, file upload, signatures, the list is continuously growing. You have all the tools available to build a structured information system that fits your own workflow and your team or external partners. This approach means that trustkey is highly customizable, yet truly approachable with its minimalistic UI.

Using trustkey action packs information is gathered in a single store of truth where teams can break away from juggling multiple tools for collaboration and customization of workflow and activities turning actions into knowledge and information into actionable business data.

trustkey is simple on the surface but deeply powerful. It brings the whole team and partners on the same page so everyone sees the required complete picture. New team members can be quickly brought up to speed on current and historical activities. Collaborate in real-time, receive notifications, invite and share, work across timezones and turn activities into knowledge.

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