Why trustkey?

Why trustkey?

We often get asked, why did we build the trustkey platform.

Before trustkey we had been embarking on a digital transformation project. However, at a certain point we did not find the rights tools that simplified and standardized the creation and management of documents in the organization.

For example, we talk about templates for work instructions, verifications, internal standards, inspections, reports etc.. Sure, you could use to some extend a document management system. But depending upon your business size and the purpose it can be an expansive sledgehammer to nut solution.

We started to store word templates in SharePoint, but it soon become tricky to manage lots of templates and users had difficulty finding the right templates, making copies, and storing them …. somewhere.

We tried to find a solution that would:

  1. Allow for simple creating of templates (anyone could use it)
  2. Standardize the look and feel of those templates
  3. Ability to quicky use a template as a digital document
  4. Have a central location for storing and finding templates and documents
  5. Ability to collaborate on a document both internally and externally
  6. Have access to an archive and data pool of those documents

We were not successful in locating a solution that fitted our digitization requirements. So, we made our own.

trustkey allows anyone to create templates (or just a few people if that’s what you need) and launch those templates as, what we call, action packs: digital documents. Once you have your digital document you can assign to anyone, or a group of people, to work collaboratively on that document. Sales Proposals, IT Service plans, work schedules, holiday forms anything you have as either a word or excel template today, or tomorrow, can be created and managed on the trustkey SaaS cloud platform.

There are several advantages to our approach:

One place for templates and records: Finding stuff is always tricky, documents can be stored in the wrong place and new employees always have trouble navigating an unfamiliar document landscape

Simplification of collaboration: Multiple people can work on the same document, as the same time, and see each other’s changes and input. Great for sharing with external customers, partners, and suppliers.

Standardization: You no longer have a range of templates and documents that look slightly different depending upon who created them.

Modernization: Always up to today. Your documents will always look fresh, no matter when you created them.

Speed: You can build a template, and start using it as a digital document, in a matter of minutes.

Knowledge Base: Reusability of what is learned. PDFs are a good as dead data. But with trustkey your documentation become part of the business knowledge base and business data.

We not only make trustkey – we also use it in our daily business. We benefited, you can too.

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