Our Mission

Our mission is to quarter the effort and costs for SMEs in digitally implementing, proving and improving processes to help them build excellent, lean and transformational organizations.

Our trustkey software provides Living Processes-As-A-Service in one system, driven by templates and improved by metrics. We ensure that processes are followed and we provide the information to verify, report and improve this.

In addition, trustkey’s architecture replaces countless email, office, assistance system and management tools, and its API enables smooth integration with existing and valued tools to simplify use.

trustkey supports workflows so that SMEs can ensure that processes run smoothly.

ISO Management Execution

Our Founding Story

We are ambitious and digital and have our roots in the manufacturing industry. Born out of IBO GmbH, we share the same values: #Together, #Forwards, #Conscious, #On’s µ.

IBODigital GmbH was founded in 2020 to bundle the experience of IBO GmbH in the field of digital transformation. In the meantime, IBODigital has specialized in the area of process solutions and appears independently on the market with its solutions.

We combine industry, process and technology experience in IBODigital GmbH.

Our Management Team

Daniel Lemberger

Daniel Lemberger

Co-Founder - CEO

Responsible for IBO GmbH’s operations and management system and previously working at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Daniel has more than 20 years of experience in process design, data analysis and digital transformation.

Steven Pannell

Steven Pannell

Co-Founder - CDO

For more than 25 years active in the IT environment, Steven has experience in enterprise IT systems, IT consulting, new product introduction and information architecture in areas such as e-commerce, Big Data, Machine Learning and mobile applications.

Partners of trustkey

Simon Baumann

Simon Baumann

Marketing / Design

Simon is our digital media production expert. He works for international companies and has more than 15 years of experience in design, user experience and digital marketing. He engineers emotions with trustkey.

Would you like to learn more?

We have aroused your interest. You would like to get to know us or trustkey. We look forward to hearing from you. We would be happy to support you in your processes.